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 Read this before you post your application

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Read this before you post your application Empty
PostSubject: Read this before you post your application   Read this before you post your application I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 16, 2011 9:55 pm

If you want to have a fighting chance of becoming an intern, it is crucial that you pay close attention to what is written in this thread.


You must be over the age of 13 to apply for GM

Listed here are things that will get you infracted, banned and/or your application deleted.
Personally attacking another applicant or any person at all
Submitting your application more than once
Making a joke application
Lying about any information submitted
Not following the given template


Listed here are things that are not necessary, but you will increase your chances if you do them.
Be yourself: Even if you get promoted pretending to be someone you’re not, you still have to get through internship to become a full staff member.
Be Honest: We’ve read enough applications to know when someone is lying, which won’t get you anywhere.
Always re-read your application: Once you post it, you won't be able to edit it later and you can only post one.
Be positive, talk about your pluses, not your minuses: We want to know what you can do, we will find out what you can’t do during internship.
Get straight to the point: The staff members are human too, really long and dull applications will make the reader lose attention.
Try to stand out: An applications that is just like any other will not catch the eye of the staff team, if you want to improve your chances. Read other applications and try to see what you can do differently.


Listed here are things that are not necessarily against the rules, but you will reduce your chances if you do them.
Have a low post count: Although a low post count does not necessarily mean inactivity, a single digit post count usually shows an uninterested candidate. You could be one of the most active players in-game but your lack of awareness about the forums will dampen your chances. The fact is that most updates are posted here, so I'll advise you to go get yourself acquainted with the forums before posting your application.
Submit your application more than once
Insult or ridicule anyone or anything
Type with poor grammar/spelling
Be arrogant nor narcissistic
Use extreme formatting (i.e. bright colors, cheesy fonts)
Make empty promises
Constantly ask a staff member to look at or reply to your application
“Suck up” to staff members
Constantly ask staff members why your application was denied
Ask a staff member to review your application and reconsider their decision
Always remember: quality over quantity! We wish you good luck to you in making your application, and the staff team looks forward to reading them.
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Read this before you post your application
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