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 BallerMs Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: BallerMs Rules and Regulations   BallerMs Rules and Regulations I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 29, 2011 1:57 pm

TimelessMs Rules and Regulations

You are to abide by these rules at all time
failure to follow any rules will earn you a infraction

Spamming: You are not allowed to spam ANY section
if spam is found, you may get a infraction

Bumping old threads: If the thread is old and you post
on it just to get more posts the thread WILL be closed and
an infraction will be given

Remember we provide you the gaming experience and we really do hope
you enjoy it, so if you think you can do better than us post suggestions
or if you think you're THAT good post a GM application.

BallerMs forums are for you to voice your opinions, but you are NOT
allowed to overdo them.

Trolling: Trolling is NOT advised because im sure no one apprecriates you
being a pain in the ass on the forums, so please do not troll on our forums

Everything Else:

When you find a glitch report it to a GM via PM or message in game.
if you use the glitch and you didn't report it to us you will be banned. (especially if
the glitch is benefically to you)--you have been warned.

If you ever get into a fight with a GM (probably the GM is right), but if you stand your ground
get another GM on the case. Most likely you are wrong, so if a GM says something (especially
higher ranked GM's), you are expected to do it and be respectful towards them.

We reserve the right to change our rules at any given time.

Some Pointers

1. No Spamming - Posting meaningless replies/threads that contribute nothing to the forum. This also includes double posting, triple posting, etc. If you forgot to add something to your reply, you must edit that post.

2. Inappropriate material - Pornographic material of any sort is not permitted. Violent material is allowed in moderation, IF the content is not too graphic.

3. Multiple Accounts - Do not create multiple accounts or impersonate another person, if caught, all accounts belonging to the source will be punished. Do not create another account if you were banned.

4. Searching - Please take advantage of the "Search" function. If you have a question or want to make a topic, please try and search if the forum has already existing topics using keywords.

5. Read the Stickies - Make sure to check the stickies with each section, because the sections may have their own additional rules. In addition, if there is a sticky for what you want to post, do not make a new thread, use the sticky. Failure to use the sticky may result in a warn or ban.

6. Illegal material - No illegal material is to be uploaded onto the forums or linked to in any manner. Doing such may result in your account being terminated.

7. Names- Please do not make similar names to any admin/mod. This is not tolerated, and will result in a ban ( maybe even worse ). Also, be prudent in your name choice. If your name is too vulgar, you will be asked to change it.

8.Grammar - Please use the best grammar possible while posting on the forums.

9.Advertising - Advertising for other websites or servers is completely unacceptable and consequences will follow this act.

10.Flaming the server - Talking badly about the server or the server's staff will not be allowed. If you don't like the server, leave. If you think the staff is doing something wrong please report them to any admin.

11. Please PM an Admin, if you ever see a GM abusing their powers. ex. Giving free items, spawning mobs for players, or helping other players level on their GM characters.
If you report them correctly you will be rewarded for being a good and dedicated player, and for helping us solve any corruption that may be found in our server.

On Behalf of BallerMs Staff
happy Mapling (:
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BallerMs Rules and Regulations
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