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 LolShadow's GM Application

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PostSubject: LolShadow's GM Application   Thu Jul 28, 2011 9:42 pm

IGN: LolShadow

Orel Tsaraf



Israel / PST

I think I deserve GM potision because i'm really smart, I coded my own ms server at grade 4(not interested at coder), and
i'm really nice to people and friendly, I really wanna be a GM on a server and I think I could do a really ni
ce job, I can help people out with their problems and I will try and do my best for player's playing expierience while following ALL server's rules, 3 admins on other servers I used to play once said I did a great job being a GM, I only did what the admin told me I can and I informed my bosses on any important things, I also helped on making a nice banner for the server.

I can check out the server options and features and see what I can do to make the server better, I will check out for bugs and non-working / glitched stuff, tell the admin and try to fix them up, I will ask ALL my friends to join the server and I think I got 2 more for sure(my cousin and a friend), I will vote&tell people ingame and my friends in real life to vote for the server and i'll vote whenever I can and I will do my best to make this server to the top, I will be online whenever I can and will always be updated and see if there are new problems that I can take care of them or somethings I can fix.

Some good things about me are that, i'm friendly and good with talking to people, I got a nice sence of humor and I'm joking only on moments I wont interrupt other people, I follow the rules and I always do my work the best, i'm smart and I can help take care of the server, I have alot of patience and expierienced with other servers, i'm respectful and I will NEVER curse any people, i'm not a racist and I respect ALL nations.

Some bad things about me are that sometimes I wont be on because of school things or personals, I'm too refractory sometimes, I can be annoying sometimes just if there are things that I really really want.

I am a leader in life, all my friends always ask me for help and they say i'm too friendly / nice, I will always help a player in trouble and I will help him on the best way I can

I coded/made a ms server at grade 4 where there were over 100 people online but then nexon emailed me to shut it off, I was a GM in 3 different servers and them all said I did a great job, quitted because servers closed, I helped edit a banner for for a server I used to play long time ago.

Everybody knows i'm respectful and I follow ALL rules, you'll never see me cursing any other gms/admins or players ingame, I will never act disrespectfuly to anyone and will only try to help them up when I can, i'm friendly so I will never make people sad and will make the best GM job ever!

Of course everything above is true, I really want the job and I will spend time on it to make it better.

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LolShadow's GM Application
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