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 Matt's GM App.

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PostSubject: Matt's GM App.   Thu Jul 28, 2011 7:14 pm

*Topic Name: Matt GM App.

IGN(In Game Name): Jeliyfish

Real Name: Matt

Real Age: 15

E-mail address/MSN: Contact meh in MSN:

Location / Timezone: UTC/GMT -5 hours

Why do you think you deserve the position? i Think i deserve this position because Im Friendly a realy easy going kind of guy im realy patient and Obedient
i can help alot in anyway
i whold realy like to help new pepole around here with basic questions and ETC and you can always count on me =].

What can you do to help BallersMs? i can help alot of OLD OR NEW Players it dosent metter with info and question about the server i can help Gilitched pepole i can make Super Multyply events everyday so the players are never bored (BTW IM REALY ACTIVE x33)
i will do my hardest so this server can get realy far

What are some good things about you? i think the best thing about my personality is that im realy Patient and Obedient i never get actually PISSED OFF im always CHILL.. ^_^ --- i gues thats good lol x3

What are some bad things about you? well sometimes i can make joke of some Serious things but i know how to get serious when its needed

Do you have any previous experience as a Leader? Truly i got NO PAST EXPERIENCE :/ .

Any previous artwork? Uhmm.. Not yet i started to Amimate maplestory fighting Scenees with flash8 and some other programs EX: "Sony Vegas Pro10" "Photoshop" and some more programs..

Will you respect all staff even players or people that might be lower than you? Ofcourse i will ;o

Is everything that you stated above is true? YES-SIR Smile

Thanks for reading my App <3 Matt ^_^
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Matt's GM App.
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