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 [GM/ADMIN] App - Val

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PostSubject: [GM/ADMIN] App - Val   Wed Jul 27, 2011 7:24 am

Firstly, i would like to apologise for not conforming to the format.
I feel that more information should be added into my app.

Real Name:

Dong Hao, Dong Hae, 동해

Real Age:

18,going 19

Location / Timezone:

Singapore, [GMT+8]

What can you personally do to help BallersMS:

Personally, i think that i can help players in Ballers to develop a sense of belonging to the server, how will i do that?

Despite my schedule in the armed forces, i manage to squeeze out time to engage in the game.
I will bring about the sense of belonging by engaging in fruitful conversations, therefore better understanding our community, get to know them and hopefully make flashMS a secondary home to our fellow community members.

Apart from developing a sense of belonging, i will also try my best to aid the community and it's new members if any,in problems that they may come across both in game/real life. I understand that i may not be able to assist them in everything, but it is always good to have a listening ear.

Why do you want to become a GM/Developer:

It is not a want but in a certain aspect a need, as the other GM's have different timezones than myself. Thus, when i am online, they would likely be in bed. If i ever get to be appointed as a GM, i can provide assistance to players that come on during this specific period. I could also ensure that the server is going on smoothly, without the interference of outer-world creatures aka [HACKERS]. It is also my pleasure to engage in events/activities with the community.[That was a WANT.]

What do you think is good about your personality?

I believe that everyone should be treated equally and fairly.One should not be condemned just because of a previous fault. That is what I think is a quality of mine. However, i wish to highlight that once my trust in you has been diminished not once but twice. I lose faith in you and that is where the devil inside me comes in. I highly urge you not to let it happen. [Equality and Fairness]

I take pleasure in meeting new people and getting to know people from different backgrounds and cultures. This helps me to further develop myself and to better engage in activities of the community. [Friendly]

Most of you see me as someone that is highly sociable and active oftenly displayed by. Eg[ Hai <3 ITS A CONSPIRACY TO TAKE OVER DA WORLD.]
But please do not be fooled by my appearance as when it comes to serious business, i would do what is needed. [Responsibility]

What do you think is bad about your personality?

I tend to have a soft heart with people. Despite their numerous attempts to hurt me, i try my best to forgive them. But please do not go over the limit, there is a limit to how much a human can take.

There are certain values of me that i believe in, therefore it might/might not affect my work with the staff. Nevertheless, i will perform my duties with professionalism and a high sense of responsibility.

If you suspect someone is hacking/DDOS attacking what will you do?:

I would stalk this creature for some time before deciding on my action to take. If it does prove that they are hacking, an SS[Screenshot] would be taken and then the Banhammer would be laid upon them. If they wish to make a ban appeal, i would post evidence of their wrongdoings. However, if it was in the case that i have wronged them. I would give a formal apology to that specific person and think about how i can improve myself.

If someone is suspected of DDOS attacking, i would contact higher authorities and work with them to come up with a effective solution ASAP.
DDOS attacks could prove fatal to our server as our files,data might be maliciously controlled or edited by these hackers.

If two players are fighting what steps would you take to stop it?:

Firstly, i would give them warnings to stop their nonsense. If advice is not heeded, they would be warped to a location and further assisted on their argument. If it proves that one of them is in the wrong, i would ask he/she to apologize to the other party. If it turns out to be a misunderstanding and both players refuse to make peace. A jail term of 10-15 mins will be imposed for self reflection.

If a player is spamming on XAT/Being stupid what would you do?

I would kindly ask them to stop. If advice is not heeded despite numeral warnings, he/she would be kicked from the XAT.
Further attempts to spam would not be tolerated and a temporary ban term will be imposed on them.
A permanent ban will be imposed depending on the seriousness of the problem.

Will you respect all of the BallersMS staff and the moderating team ?:

Yes.However i wish to highlight that i would not hesitate to report abuses to higher authority if it ever happens.

Is there any final comments that you would like to add?:

Yes,the outcome of this application will not affect my loyalty and dedication to the server. Everything will go on as normal.
Also, kindly do not ask me to brush up on the colors of my post. I have a bad taste with colors.

Any Previous Experience in a leadership position on another server?

Co-Admin in Bankaistory. [DEAD/QUITTED]
There were personal and in game issues that led to my resign which i do not wish to divulge in this forum.

Do you agree that everything is true that you have stated in this application?


Thank you for taking your time to read my application. Hope you liked it.
Warmest Regards,
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PostSubject: Lol   Thu Jul 28, 2011 12:00 pm

i Love your App Colors Very Happy And nice application
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[GM/ADMIN] App - Val
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