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 Amys New GM App

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PostSubject: Amys New GM App   Tue Aug 23, 2011 10:17 am

*Topic Name:[Aimee102]-[Game Master]

IGN(In Game Name):Aimee102

Real Name: Amy Montag

ASL(Age Sex Location =]):
Location-The Bahamas

Contact Information:

UTC/GMT -4 hours

How Active are you?
Does Everyday count???

Why do you think YOU are more deserving of this position? :
Im Responsible
Im Serious
Im active so i can help anyone at anytime
I can help the server

What can you do to help TimelessMs? :
I can advertise on other servers website
Im a blast in a glass
I can help Players

How would you handle a hacker? :
Spy on them
Take an ss
Show an admin

If two people were fighting what would you do? :
take them to different maps
hear both sides
try to get them to reslove things

Do you have any previous experience as a Leader ? :
Yes ive owned guilds
if being a party leader counts
ya at WatershinyMs i was a Gm but i couldt take any ss

Have you been a GM in any other server? (if so please give name of server and proof):
im sorry but we never used to take ss inside Helly
and my ss from watershiny are gone

List 5 Facts about yourself that we should know:
Im a blast in a glass
I love people
Im a neat freak
Im organized
I hate people who think their better than you <.<(snobs much)

Why I should get the job?:
I should get the job because
Im very seriouse from my work
I can help the server
Im active
I wont let you down

How long have you been playing MapleStory Private Servers?:
uhmmm i think from december of 08

Do you agree to follow all the rules and respect the staff?:
100% agree

Do you agree that everything that you have said is true?:
Yes i do

How would you handle a DDOS attack/threat?:
Ss and show an Admin

Thanks for reading Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Amys New GM App   Tue Aug 23, 2011 2:55 pm

lots of things are wrong with this.
1. You should never under any circumstance advertise on other servers websites.
2. What does being a "blast in a glass" have to do with helping the server.
3. On the DDOS, always and i will repeat this ALWAYS contact a admin immediately. Taking screenshots wont do anything if a admin doesn't look at it until the next day.
If you don't mind i would love to know your gm name at hellyms.

and there will be alot of people who think they are better than you. Just get over it okay? its just a fact of life u have to deal with.


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Amys New GM App
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